Air Force Retiree and Entrepreneur Jamesia James Joins U.S. Senate Jungle Election

Updated: Apr 16

By: Cole Gibson, Jamesia James for US Senate Communications Director

Atlanta, GA – March 30, 2020 – Decorated military veteran and successful entrepreneur Jamesia James has officially announced and today launched her campaign for U.S. Senate, joining the race to challenge Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler.

A former Tech Sergeant in the United States Air Force and current founder and owner of a staffing agency based in Atlanta, James is dedicated to providing opportunities and second chances to others and empowering her community by providing an entry point to new jobs.

“For too long it feels as though we have been at the mercy of purposeful division and partisanship in Washington D.C. This does nothing for Americans, Georgians, and only serves big interests that feed off this friction for profit,” said James. “I am eager to level the playing field by bringing pragmatic, forward-thinking leadership that does not lean left or right but rather looks to the middle where so many Americans are right now. No longer will Georgians have to worry about where my allegiances lie based on my party, because they will know I work always and only for them.”

Currently, James owns and operates General Staffing Agency, which works to employ the most disenfranchised of Georgians, specifically former inmates who have finished serving their time in the prison system. She is well known for her 12 years of active duty service in the Air Force, which includes a combat tour in Afghanistan

Jamesia has been civically engaged and service minded all her adult life. For two years, James served under Congressman John Lewis (2016-2018) in District 5 where she assisted with the elderly and disenfranchised Americans. During this time, she used her platform to fight for the basic rights of all Americans, regardless of age, ethnicity or religion. She is an expert in Human Resources and contracts management and a true advocate for the underserved and disadvantaged Americans. Her ability to connect with people and champion meaningful causes has afforded her the opportunity to empower men and women across the country.

James is a transplant who moved to Georgia from Starke, Florida 10 years ago and now resides in Atlanta. She is the single parent to two girls, Jaida and Zoe.

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